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Buying a home

Key steps to buying a home


Step 1: Save for down payment. » Wait until you have saved a down payment of 20% to avoid private mortgage insurance and save money over the life of your loan.


Step 2: Find an agent. » Interview a few experienced local agents. Pick someone familiar with the Florida housing market and the neighborhoods you're considering.


Step 3: Get preapproved for a mortgage loan. » Preapproval can give you an advantage over other competing offers by showing Florida homeowners that you're a serious buyer.


Step 4: Find a location. » Look for neighborhoods with home prices in your range, access to amenities that fit your lifestyle, and rising home values.


Step 5: Go house hunting. » Work with your agent to find listings for homes that meet your requirements and budget.


Step 6: Make an offer. » Consult with your agent to write a strong offer that gets a seller’s attention and fits your budget.


Step 7: Get an inspection and appraisal. » Coordinate with a licensed professional to find potential issues with the property. Your lender will get an appraiser to determine its worth and finalize the loan amount.


Step 8: Close. » Complete a final walk-through of the property to ensure it’s in the expected condition. Then review and sign the necessary paperwork, and pay your closing costs.

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