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Selling a home

The main steps to selling a home we’ll cover in this guide include:


Step 1: Get your affairs (and house) in order

  • Check your home value

  • Calculate your equity

  • Estimate your net proceeds

  • Start the process of packing and decluttering


Step 2: Find a top local real estate agent

  • Use an agent-matching platform for the best results

  • Interview multiple candidates

  • Look for relevant experience

  • Sign the listing agreement

  • In a hurry? Request a cash offer

  • Can I sell my house myself?


Step 3: Set a price for the home

  • Order a home inspection

  • Review your agent’s comparative market analysis (CMA)

  • Account for the ‘art’ and science of home value

  • Consider online price filters


Step 4: Prepare your home for the market

  • Make advisable repairs, but avoid unnecessary upgrades

  • Declutter room by room

  • Do a deep clean now (and lighter one later)

  • Improve your curb appeal

  • Stage your home to create a warm, inviting space

  • Bring in natural light

  • Take high-quality real estate photos for the listing


Step 5: Market and show the home to attract an offer

  • Promote the home online and offline

  • Be flexible and prepared for showings

  • Use a checklist to clean up for last-minute tours

  • Review your offer(s) and pick the best one


Step 6: Complete the due diligence period

  • Pass the home inspection

  • Prepare for the home appraisal

  • Clear title

  • Take care of necessary repairs

  • Make arrangements to be out by closing

  • Plan for the final walkthrough


Step 7: Close the sale and move out

  • Review the settlement statement

  • Receive your home sale proceeds

  • Determine if you’ll owe taxes on the sale

  • Transfer utilities

  • Change your address and forward your mail

  • Give your buyers a great move-in experience

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